Our Work

The BHEF Approach

BHEF builds partnerships, strengthens talent initiatives, and identifies actionable insights and trends.

Build Partnerships

BHEF's Strategic Business Engagement Model moves business and higher education from transactional relationships to strategic partnerships.

Strengthen Talent Initiatives

BHEF focuses on evidenced-based practices and uses a rigorous methodology to strengthen our members' efforts to develop highly skilled, engaged professionals.

Identify Actionable Insights and Trends

Trend analysis informs our methodology to assess and map skills needs, align higher education with workforce, and position our members' organizations for success.

The National Higher Education and Workforce Initiative

Through the collaboration of its business and academic members, BHEF has launched the National Higher Education and Workforce Initiative (HEWI), a set of long-term regional projects in selected states focused on university-business partnerships, as well as national efforts to disseminate insights from the projects and scale up effective practices. In developing HEWI, BHEF has conducted extensive research to better understand the interventions and strategies that work best to support the success of undergraduate students, strategies that have enabled students to increase their persistence in completing degrees, learn how to apply knowledge in real-world settings, and develop broad-based skills and competencies.