About BHEF

Build better skills for better performance

The Business-Higher Education Forum is a 40-year-old nonprofit membership organization that connects higher education institutions to business talent demand. Corporate CEOs and university presidents join BHEF to anticipate skills needs and improve pathways between higher education and workforce. BHEF:  

  • Identifies high-value emerging skills through yearly signature reports, ad hoc research, and timely quick takes. This research on the skills marketplace enables BHEF members to identify emerging skills and build new credentials that align with business hiring needs in as few as six months.
  • Develops pathways that quickly source high-value talent. BHEF has a repeatable approach to accelerate pathway development between business and higher education, resulting in over 100 credentials.
  • Leads action-oriented forums and partnerships that promote innovative approaches between business and higher education. BHEF hosts member meetings, fosters collaboration among members, and creates partnerships that align higher education with employment. This community has facilitated over 50 collaborative projects that piloted innovative talent solutions.

Who are BHEF's members?

BHEF’s CEOs, college and university presidents, and federal agency directors collaborate to form strategic partnerships to develop highly skilled, engaged professionals. BHEF members develop regional talent pathways, creating undergraduate programs that produce a diverse pool of enabled, workforce-ready graduates for today’s high-skill jobs.

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We do this through:

  • Meetings and leadership engagements, where members network, gain timely insights, and access exclusive opportunities
  • Expert-led working groups, where members’ staff learn from BHEF how to assess, map, and develop solutions to skills challenges in cutting-edge fields
  • Trend analysis, which informs our methodology to assess and map skills needs, align higher education with workforce needs, and position our members and their organizations for success

What sets us apart?

  • Our members. BHEF is the only organization that brings together CEOs and presidents of the nation’s leading colleges and universities to address high-skill workforce needs. Our members’ shared interests create smart and strategic action.
  • Our offerings. BHEF members enjoy exclusive access to data, fresh perspectives, and expertise that help our business members address talent needs and our academic members provide real-world pathways to high-skill careers.
  • Our approach. BHEF’s size allows us to provide our members with individual attention respectful of demanding schedules. Our engagement model enables BHEF to touch multiple levels of an organization.
  • Our success. BHEF helps our members and their organizations thrive. We facilitate connections that would not happen otherwise and provide our members insights, expertise, and partnership opportunities to create talent solutions uniquely tailored to their sectors.