Pathway Development and Regional Collaborative Services

Bhef Replication Guides

To create successful and sustainable business-higher education partnerships, BHEF provides members step-by-step insights and best practices that accelerate implementation of credential and talent initiatives so higher education can better align credentials, businesses can more quickly identify talent and diversify pipelines, and individuals have access to transparent pathways.

Talent Pathways Needs and Readiness Assessment

BHEF members can request a readiness self-assessment and consultation with staff to benchmark preparedness for creating new talent pathways and discuss strategies on new credentials and regional workforce initiatives that best meet their specific needs.

Preliminary Institutional Asset Mapping

BHEF staff supports members in kickstarting the process of identifying key institutional stakeholders for the development of in-demand credentials or to launch regional initiatives.

Access to Bhef Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Competency Library

Members gain exclusive access to previously developed sets of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) and competencies in emerging technology fields.

Development of KSA/Competency Maps

BHEF staff work with labor market data and subject matter experts to develop a customized KSA/competency map or tailor an existing competency framework to support business as they partner with higher education on training future talent. (1 map annually—additional available at cost)

Curriculum Mapping

BHEF assists higher education members in accelerating their readiness to deploy new industry-responsive credentials by aligning KSAs/competencies to their curriculum. BHEF staff partner with the member organization to identify required information, conduct a mapping process with faculty and administrators, and provide a summary analysis. (1 map annually—additional available at cost)

Full Suite of Pathway Development and Regional Collaborative Services

At a discounted rate or as part of a grant, BHEF offers one-to-one or an ecosystem approach to guiding stakeholders through our strategic partnership process to create high-quality pathways that respond to employer demand.