Increasing Baccalaureate Degree Attainment in Louisville: A Proposed Blueprint for Community Action

This plan presents a blueprint for community action with the deepest respect for the substantial undertaking on which the Louisville community has embarked. While developing this plan, BHEF interviewed dozens of community stakeholders and attended many meetings of concerned stakeholder groups. The goals, strategies, and recommendations in this plan were all garnered from this work.

The framing goals are:

-Create a strong college-going culture in Louisville’s schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods.
-Increase alignment and rigor across the K-12 and postsecondary education systems.
-Ensure that the citizens of Louisville can access and afford postsecondary education.
-Ensure all Louisville students will be able to progress through postsecondary institutions to ultimately attain needed postsecondary credentials.
-Galvanize Louisville’s education, business, and community leaders to achieve a long-term, common education agenda.

In turn, the plan presents strategies and recommendations that arise from the dozens of interviews conducted and from analyses of successful community efforts across the country. This blueprint for action is designed to provide comprehensive and systemic guidance for the Louisville community toward its 2020 education attainment target. In achieving this end goal, Louisville will serve as a national leader for community education improvement and as a model that can be replicated in other regions of the state.

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